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Neo Chair's
Brand Story

The New Standard for the New Chair

Chairs are an essential part of our day-to-day life. In almost every space — whether it's in your house, at school, or at work, you can rely on a chair to support you through anything.

At Neo Chair, our sole purpose is to provide you with the perfect chair. With your feedback, we continue to innovate our process which starts from manufacturing and ends with you.

We focus on enhancing the quality of every little detail while driving down the cost. Neo Chair is a company that creates the new standard for chairs, made of consumers, for consumers, and by consumers.

Corporate Identity

Meaning of 1 in our logo

  • Number one brand in the industry
    We are dedicated to becoming the #1 chair brand with the highest quality at the best price.
  • One chair for any and everyone
    We envision a world where every home and office has at least one chair from Neo Chair.
  • The strongest supporter for your daily life
    We would like to provide firm, reliable support for all our customers like the legs of a chair.

The Color of Neo Chair

#warmth, #familiarity

The orange color of our brand logo represents warmth and friendliness. We want to provide warmth and comfort in our chairs, and be open to our customer’s voices just like a friend would. 

The New Standard for Chairs at “Neo Chair”

We promise three new standards 


In the process of exploring what it means to create the best chair, we always find ourselves coming back to the basics: a comfortable seat. At Neo Chair, we create every chair with the best parts in the industry for this purpose. By using parts that have passed the extensive quality tests by BIFMA, our chairs support your body with the utmost comfort, durability, and safety. 


Neo Chair's catalogue is made up with a wide variety of chairs at a range of prices for a diverse group of customers. Our teams are driven to provide cost-effective chairs for everyone at a fair price. By having direct control over the manufacturing process and supply chain, our chairs are packed with more quality at a lower price. Find your perfect chair with uncompromising quality and ultimate comfort, at the price that's right for you. 


Customer comfort and satisfaction is at the very center of our work at Neo Chair. We hold immense value for the voice of our customers and continue to incorporate them into our day-to-day operations. Every part in the chair has been carefully created and selected with our customers in mind.

At Neo Chair, we are committed to listening to your voice and prioritizing your comfort. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions and feedback at

What makes a great product is beyond just the quality of the materials. For us, what makes a great chair is a combination of great quality, a fair price, and outstanding customer service. As a company, Neo Chair will work towards becoming the new standard for chairs. 

Why Neo Chair?

What makes us different

We manufacture and distribute our chairs with a mindset that our family would use the chair. Our efforts to innovate new standards for chairs go hand in hand with the best parts on the market. 

From Factory
to Customer 

To Make the
New Standard

Official Licensee of
MARVEL, Disney

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