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The Most Comfortable Office Chair I've Ever Owned!!! 

Kendall W. Clark

I am glad to write a review for this chair! I bought this chair hoping that it would be comfortable. I read the few review on Amazon and it was highly favored but there were only 8 reviews. I can tell you that although I have only had this chair for a few weeks, it is without a doubt the best office chair I have ever owned, aside from being really cool! I suffer from sciatica and was setting in an old chair with a pillow and memory foam cushion under me. I bought this chair hoping that the spring and foam seating would be well cushioned. I also wanted a back that was tall enough that I could lean back in it and have my head supported in case I needed to catch a cat-nap. This chair is the perfect solution! I love it! As a side note, I also purchased the matching rolling ottoman and the set makes my life feel almost perfect. Funny note: I now take naps in this chair when I can't even get comfortable in my Lazy boy.


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Great chair for the price and the customer service.


This feels like a premium chair and it's very comfortable for hours of seat time. The details make this one of the coolest gaming/office chairs I've seen and it fits perfectly in my man cave. The embroidered logos are great quality.

I had an issue with my chair's gas cylinder decompressing sporadically and the chair wouldn't hold the seating height I wanted it to be at. However, after a quick email to Neo Chair I was able to get quick customer service support and very fast shipping of new parts. This was great because I didn't have to disassemble the entire chair to return to Amazon and Neo chair was very quick to make things right.

I couldn't ask for anything more: a great chair made by a company with great customer service.