[801GY - Editorial Recommendations] Best Minimalistic Design

[801GY - Editorial Recommendations] Best Minimalistic Design
 Updated July 11, 2022

With more people working from home, finding a supportive and comfortable office chair is more important than ever. There are plenty of options out there, which is good news because everyone has different preferences when it comes to which type of office chair they want. That being said, sometimes it can be stressful looking through all the options and trying to find which one suits you best. I put together a list of my top picks for desk chairs to make your search a little bit easier!  

Best Minimalistic Design

  • Key feature: High-density foam
  • Working dimensions: 23 by 23 by 41 inches
  • Construction: Foam, plastic, mesh
  • Included accessories: Desk chair

This NEO Chair Swivel Chair has an ergonomic back support that hugs your back and keeps you comfortable. The back support is in the right spot at the mid-lower back and the mesh holds your back. The wheels roll smoothly on the floor and the base is sturdy, holding up to 270 pounds.
The seat provides extra comfort, designed to give you enough space to sit without feeling squished. The medium-firm cushion and fabric on the seat are smooth to the touch, and the seat of the chair is extra spacious, deep, and wide.

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