Why Neo Chair?

A natural reason to choose Neo Chair

What makes us different

Our efforts to innovate new standards for chairs go hand in hand with the best parts on the market.

Why Neo Chair?

From Factory to Customer 


Neo Chair operates five factories located across China and South Korea, which have all passed the factory operation standards of MARVEL Disney. We design and create our products in-house with meticulous attention to detail in order to provide the finest quality and comfort. Lean back and relax on our chairs that are BIFMA certified for safety and durability.


We minimize the costs by directly managing the supply chain — from manufacturing all the way to your door steps. We are proud to offer free 2-day shipping to customers across the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Our products are shipped within one business day from our warehouses in California, Texas, and Georgia. 


We provide competitive prices by cutting out the middlemen and operating directly on online marketplaces. Our hands-on approach enables us to invest our resources in driving up the quality and driving down the price. Find ultimate comfort and industry leading quality across our authorized selling channels. 

Customer Service

We are committed to listening to and growing with every customer feedback. Our dedicated customer support team works around the clock to swiftly answer questions and resolve issues. Contact us at: support@neochair.com. 

Why Neo chair?

To Make the New Standard



For Your SKIN

For your SAFETY

Neo chair uses the best parts proven by certification authorities
for your safety, even if they are small invisible differences.


The durability of Neo Chair products is tested and certified by BIFMA and ANSI -- organizations with the highest standards in the United States



At Neo Chair, we do not use recycled sponge as we want to provide the best sitting experience. 

Choice for The
Best Seating

Molded Sponge

Molded foam is a great material for the seat as it’s neither too firm or too soft. Its elastic and resilient nature prevents the seat from losing its shape over time, making it semi-permanent. 

Regular Sponge

Conventional sponge is not as elastic and permanent as a molded sponge. However, conventional sponge seats are supple and provide an enhanced softness. 

For Your SKIN

Because the surface of the chair often comes in direct contact with the skin,
we developed our products with our customers’ well-being in mind. 

soft touch

Fabric Seat

Neo Chair’s M-Series chairs are made with premium fabric often used for high-end couches. The soft, sophisticated fabric is both easy on the eyes and skin. 

Why Neo Chair?

Official Licensee of
MARVEL, Disney

As an official licensee of MARVEL Disney, Neo Chair’s products have been approved and recognized in quality and design.