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neo chair's Brand Story

The New standard for the new chair

Chair is constantly innovating in all phases, from production to production, to customers receiving products, to make the chairs they will use more valuable. Neo chair is a company that creates new standards for consumers, by consumers, for new chairs for consumers.

What does '1' mean to the left side of the logo?

The three meanings of '1' in the symbol

  • Symbols of chair legs: meaning to support customers with confidence
  • It means the company's vision to supply high-quality, high-priced products, and to have at least one Neo-Chair chair in every home and office.
  • This quality in the chair market has never had such a price before, meaning we're the first.

What does color mean?

#warmth, #familiarity

It means that I hope Neocher's chair
will be warm and friendly to consumers.

The New Standard for the Chair "neo Chair"

We promises three new standards of chairs


Trying not to miss anything, we, Neo Chair, started with the essence of that chair, "Sitting." To help you feel comfortable with all the chairs that Neo Chair can offer, we're building chairs with some of the best parts in the chair industry. All of our components that have passed strict BIFMA certification will support our customers' back by adding maximum comfort, robustness and stability. No matter what price you buy, we will always provide the best chairs to our customers on the same basis.


The chair is our companion that everyone uses every day and a strong secretary who supports us. If the chair becomes the most expensive because the best parts are in it, can we buy the chair comfortably? There will also be the joy that expensive chairs created by the best parts and technology will present to us. However, Neo chair has a wide range of price chairs that all customers of all ages can purchase on a cost-effective basis, and all of our offices and infrastructure in the U.S., South Korea and China are constantly working to provide chairs at a minimum cost to consumers to minimize the cost of our chairs.


consumers, and accordingly, we improve our products according to consumers' opinions and continue to communicate with them to present products with older quality products. We, Neo chair, listen to any consumer opinion and promise you that we will not neglect to improve our products.

When the quality, price, and customer service of the product are all harmonized, we think we are supplying the best products to consumers in the world, will become a company that opens new standards for chairs in the future.

Two Features of neo chair

What is special?


Official Licensee of MARVEL, Disney

 We produce our own design chairs at our selected factory and Audit at Disney, and deliver products produced through our own logistics system to the United States at a minimum cost. The chairs that arrive in the U.S. are ready to greet the consumer and are moved to Los Angeles, California, Georgia, Savannah, Georgia, Houston, Texas, for the minimum cost of logistics.


From Factory to Customer

Neo chair is an office license at Marvel/Disney headquarters and offers the highest quality products recognized for their quality and design. Factories that produce Neo chair's products receive audits from Disney each year to produce products under strict production management, and only those that pass Disney's strict quality/design standards, ranging from design to final launch, are on the market. In addition, we practice customer service directly, listening to customers faster than anyone else, improving products with customers and reflecting customers' minds on our services.

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