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NEO CHAIR INC. is a professional furniture supplier and manufacturer
always considering the life of our customers.
We provide useful furniture designed to make your own space meaningful, special and healthy. 

Why Neo Chair?

Proven Quality Manufacturing

Passed ANSI / BIFMA Test
Performed by SGS.

Strict Quality Standards, Assured
Quality with Direct Control and Management.

Disney-approved Factory Facility

Herbal Skin Care

Leading-industry Design

One of the Top Creative In-house Teams from
Product Design to Manufacturing.

Product Design and Development, Research and
Development of the Final Design!

A World-wide Logistics &
Nationwide Warehousing

- Total 52,000 Square Feet Warehouse in Chicago, LA!

- Upcoming Savannah Warehouse Completes Nationwide Shipping

- Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

- Price Competitive Cross-border Logistics

Herbal Skin Care

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The Most Comfortable Office Chair I've Ever Owned!!! 

Kendall W. Clark

I am glad to write a review for this chair! I bought this chair hoping that it would be comfortable. I read the few review on Amazon and it was highly favored but there were only 8 reviews. I can tell you that although I have only had this chair for a few weeks, it is without a doubt the best office chair I have ever owned, aside from being really cool! I suffer from sciatica and was setting in an old chair with a pillow and memory foam cushion under me. I bought this chair hoping that the spring and foam seating would be well cushioned. I also wanted a back that was tall enough that I could lean back in it and have my head supported in case I needed to catch a cat-nap. This chair is the perfect solution! I love it! As a side note, I also purchased the matching rolling ottoman and the set makes my life feel almost perfect. Funny note: I now take naps in this chair when I can't even get comfortable in my Lazy boy.


Customer Image

Great chair for the price and the customer service.


This feels like a premium chair and it's very comfortable for hours of seat time. The details make this one of the coolest gaming/office chairs I've seen and it fits perfectly in my man cave. The embroidered logos are great quality.

I had an issue with my chair's gas cylinder decompressing sporadically and the chair wouldn't hold the seating height I wanted it to be at. However, after a quick email to Neo Chair I was able to get quick customer service support and very fast shipping of new parts. This was great because I didn't have to disassemble the entire chair to return to Amazon and Neo chair was very quick to make things right.

I couldn't ask for anything more: a great chair made by a company with great customer service.