Why neo chair?

A natural reason to choose a neo chair!

It's different when neo chair makes it

neo chair produce and supply products with the mindset that our family sits down. Our efforts to create a new standard for chairs are with the best parts in the market as shown below.

Why neo chair?

From Factory to customer 


neo Chair operates a total of five factories in China and Korea certified by Marvel/Disney and produces only select products that we designed ourselves. We, Neo chair, are looking for the best design and the best quality, creating a new standard for chairs.


neo chair is a systematic logistics system that minimizes the cost to consumers by producing our best products. Our three offices/warehouses in the United States, Los Angeles, California, Savannah, Georgia, and Houston, Texas, offer free shipping throughout the Americas except Alaska and Hawaii.


neo chair removes the price bubble and excludes Middle-men from the sales process in consideration of the customer's burden of consumption, and sells the best products we've made online directly. Meet high-quality, price-free, high-quality products in an authorized channel run by Neo Chair.


neo chair considers the customer's sound to be the best value and strives to hear every customer's opinion. The best customer service operating in three offices in the U.S. is working as fast as possible to address customer discomfort and reflect customer feedback on the product.

Why neo chair?

To Make the New Standard

For your SAFETY

For your COMFORT

For your SKIN

For your SAFETY

neo chair uses the best parts proven by certification authorities
for your safety, even if they are small invisible differences.


neo chair has the highest durability with tens of thousands of tests and certifications provided by the strictest *BIFMA and *ANSI in the United States.


For your COMFORT

neo chair does not make products that use recycled sponges to provide
the best seating experience for customers. Using only plastic and regular sponges,
we will bring out the best seating for each chair,
and apply them not only on the seat but also on the back to give you the best comfort.

Choice for the
best seating

Molded sponge

Molded sponges have a seating feel that is too rigid or soft, and have the advantage of being able to use semi-permanently due to their high elasticity due to low shape deformation.

Regular sponge

Regular sponges are less elastic than plastic sponges, making them impossible to use permanently, but their density and elasticity are low, which can give you the best fluffyness.

For your SKIN

The material of the chair that touches the customer's body directly is
more important than anything else. Neo chair uses not only comfort and luxury, but also consumer skin.

soft touch

Fabric Seat

The neo chair M-Series has a premium fabric, which is commonly used in high-end fabric sofas (Couch). The soft, sophisticated Neo Chair fabric will provide comfort before contacting customers.

Why neo chair?

Official Licensee of
MARVEL, Disney

neo chair is an office license at Marvel/Disney headquarters and offers the highest quality products recognized for their quality and design. Factories that produce Neochair's products receive audits from Disney each year to produce products under strict production management, and only those that pass Disney's strict quality/design standards, ranging from design to final launch, are on the market.

With the speciality of neo chair,
I'll show you that it's different if we make it!